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Tuesday, October 24, 2023
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This is how you can train your dog to just delight (and never bite)

How to train your dog to just delight and never bite
While playful nipping at an early age is a pooch’s way of exploring the world, one needs to train dogs to overcome the habit if such behavior persists. Overstimulation and food aggression are among the reasons some dogs bite even as they get older. Ample socialization, persistent training and sufficient exercise are some ways to counter this habit, say experts.

How somatic movements heal through physical expression

Somatic movements — usually included as a fitness routine and part of dance therapy — are slow and deliberate movements that help in the release of suppressed emotions.

These physical movements help people find relief by ‘emptying’ traumatic events and unresolved emotional issues stored in the body for a long time.

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How Somatic movements heal through physical expression

Importance of getting your breathing right during exercise

During exertion, more oxygen is required for the muscles and other bodily processes to function efficiently, making it important to pay attention to breathing while working out.

For instance, experts recommend inhaling when performing stretching or opening movements and exhaling while performing contracting or closing movements.

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How to get your breathing right during exercise


Pulse polio programme: India’s success story

Pulse Polio Programme: India’s success story
Polio is a highly infectious disease caused by a virus belonging to the Picornaviridae family. The disease, which largely affects children below the age of five, can be prevented through vaccination. India achieved polio-free status by administering polio drops to every child. WHO removed India from the list of endemic countries with active poliovirus transmission in 2012.


Wide-eyed: Should you wake a sleepwalker?

Should you wake a sleepwalker?
Some myths about sleepwalking claim that you should never wake a sleepwalker. However, experts have different opinions

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How to calm your mind when danger is around you

Life in a conflict zone: How to calm your mind when clear and present danger is around you
Coming to grips with the situation, deep breathing to calm your mind, distracting yourself by doing something you enjoy…different things work for different people

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