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Friday, November 10, 2023
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"Hello darkness, my old friend
I've come to talk with you again"
The stanza needs no introduction. Introducing 'The Sound of Silence' at a live performance in Harlem in June 1966, Garfunkel summed up its meaning as "the inability of people to communicate with each other... especially emotionally, so that what you see around you is people who are unable to love each other."
While people may continue to be unable to love or communicate with each other, diabetes is now speaking a language that your phones can easily understand.
An AI model developed by a Toronto-based research facility can tell if you have diabetes or not by simply analysing your 10-second audio clip. You can record the clip on your phone and the AI-based app will gauge the variations in your pitch and tone to diagnose whether you have diabetes or not.

Six teas for better metabolism and weight loss

Weight and Sip: Six teas for better metabolism and weight loss
Apart from having a low-carb diet along with high-protein and fiber-rich food, experts point out that some beverages like natural tea variants (without sugar and milk) can help you lose weight.

These tea variants improve your metabolism and digestion and also reduce oxidative stress and risk of inflammation, leading to overall better health.

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Tails of Happiness: How pets help unwind your mind

Mental Health and dogs: Paws for relaxation, tails for happiness
Dogs can give you unconditional love and become your best friend as they understand human emotions. People who cannot express emotions or verbally communicate with others can benefit from a dog.

These furry friends are trainable and can improve the emotional, social and cognitive abilities of people with chronic mental health and other health conditions as well.

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Painless vaccination vs painful vaccination

Painless vaccination vs painful vaccination: Here is what you should know
While the whole-cell (painful) vaccine is about 78% effective, the acellular vaccine (painless) is 71–85% effective

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Do you know your child’s vaccine schedule?

Do you know your child’s vaccine schedule?
A look at the mandatory and optional vaccines to be administered to children from birth until the age of 16

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