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Friday, November 17, 2023
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Preterm babies — those born before 37 weeks of gestation — often face challenges with underdeveloped organs, low birth weight, temperature regulation and feeding. They are vulnerable to health complications, developmental delays and infections. Parents should adhere to the post-NICU discharge instructions and focus on minimizing the babies’ exposure to infections.
One in 10 babies globally born preterm: UN report

Globally, one in 10 babies is pre-term: UN

Doctors say the study underscores the urgent need for ensuring access to quality health care before and during every pregnancy.

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Soleus pushups: An effective exercise to manage blood sugar levels

Soleus pushups: An effective exercise to manage blood sugar levels

The soleus muscle located in the calves utilizes blood glucose and lipids as fuel when engaged, making soleus pushups an ideal postprandial exercise for managing blood sugar levels.

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So this is what happened at our Diabetes Day webinar

Junk foods + Lifestyle= Diabetes
Our panelists underscored how poor eating habits – such as eating in office canteens throughout the week and abusing alcohol during weekends – and a passive lifestyle are pushing millions of Indians into the arms of diabetes. To add to the problem, ultra-processed food is now everywhere (Indians bought 6,28,000 tonnes of instant noodles in 2021!) wreaking havoc on your kidney, pancreas, liver and heart. Find out what else our experts said in a recording of our World Diabetes Day webinar.

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