Advertising Policy

1. General

1.1 All advertising on the Happiest Health platform shall be subject to this policy. The “platform” means and includes the website “”, all micro sites, print media, audio or video and any other media that is currently hosted (or to be hosted) by Happiest Health on social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp etc. and accessible on any current or future device or medium (such as mobile phone, laptop, headset, television etc).

1.2 Advertising and advertisements shall include banners, modules, links, micro-sites and other content provided by the advertiser or his agent.

2. Responsibilities of Advertiser

2.1 Advertisers and agents are solely responsible for the accuracy, objectivity, legality of the contents and the links provided (if any) in the advertisements. Advertisers must have evidence to back their claims.

2.2 The advertisers and their agents warrant and undertake full statutory compliance with all the relevant laws, rules and policies governing advertising in the countries/jurisdictions where the said advertisements may be viewed.

2.3 The advertiser and agents jointly and severally indemnify and hold harmless the platform as against any expenses/claims that may arise from the publication, including but not limited to claims of libel, privacy violation, copyright infringement, plagiarism, and statutory non-compliance of the relevant advertising laws.

3. Our Rights

3.1 Happiest Health has the sole discretion to determine the types of advertising to be accepted and displayed. The platform reserves the right to reject advertisements that is incompatible with its mission statement and not in accordance with this policy.

3.2 The platform will not accept advertising that in its opinion is false, factually inaccurate, misleading, or in poor taste.

3.3 The platform shall not accept advertisements that it determines to be, offensive and dangerous, includes material that is visually disturbing or discriminates, attacks, shames any individual or group based on race, gender, religion, marital status, disability, body image, colour or any other factor deemed inappropriate by the platform.

3.4 We, as your “Health and Wellness Evangelists”, will not publish advertisements that run contrary to our ethical mission. Advertisements of products that are injurious to a healthy lifestyle, cause obesity, are carcinogenic and may include but is not limited to alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco, pan masala, fast food, semi-processed/processed, fried or commercially baked foods that are “HFSS” (High in fat, salt and sugar), artificially sweetened carbonated beverages, hydrogenated fats and/or any other products deemed inconsistent with our vision shall not be published.

3.5 In addition to product advertisements that are statutorily banned, such as firearms and explosives, gambling, pornography, the platform shall not feature advertisements that promote any remedy/cure/programme/dietary supplement whose scientific efficacy is not proven or validated independently or where required by the concerned regulatory authority.

3.6 The platform will not feature advertisements regarding products and services that are detrimental to children’s health and well-being or contain content that it deems inappropriate for children to view or carry links with third party trackers or that otherwise solicit information from persons below eighteen years of age.

3.7 The platform shall not accept advertisements for counterfeit products or those which it determines to be surrogate ads for products that would be contrary to the platform policy and/or the prevalent laws.

3.8 The platform reserves the right to periodically review the advertisement’s compliance with all extant laws and this advertising policy. In the event of a breach or a potential breach, the platform may remove the advertisement and additionally initiate other actions deemed appropriate.

4. Editorial Independence

4.1 The platform recognizes and maintains the distinction between advertising and editorial content. The advertised or sponsored content will be labelled as such and identifiable by font style and size to the extent possible.

5. Search Advertisements

5.1 The platform may determine how all search results are displayed, with separate areas designated for featuring of search advertisements. Advertisements may be purchased by companies to appear along with search results of some keywords

6. Right to Withdraw

6.1 The platform reserves the right to decide at any time in its own discretion whether it will accept, reject, cancel, or remove any advertising.

7. Performance

7.1 The platform does not provide any assurances that all advertising will perform error free on the platform.

8. Tracking of Visitors to the Platform

8.1 No Advertising on the platform shall include any pixel, tags or any other type of information collection software code or place any cookies or beacons unless expressly permitted by in writing. If approved and only if the approval contains an express exception, i)the Advertiser may not use such pixel to collect personally identifiable information(PII),ii) the Pixel can be blocked and any cookie placed can be deleted by browser settings iii) Advertiser will not link any non PII that it collects with PII obtained from any other source and iv)Advertiser will not update any existing profile in its database based on data collected from including the fact that someone is a visitor or any information derived from the information in the referring URL.

9. Disclaimer

9.1 Acceptance and display of advertisements by the platform does not tantamount to endorsement of the products and services being advertised. The platform will not be liable for any claims/damages that may arise from your reliance and consequent acts basis the advertisements.

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