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Fitness routine for beating obesity 

Fitness routine for beating obesity 

For those fighting obesity, their fitness routine should facilitate a healthy weight loss while avoiding injuries. A healthy diet is a prerequisite too
Bodyweight workouts are recommended for people with obesity so that they don’t injure themselves during weight training or high-impact exercises.
A combination of healthy eating and a balanced workout routine is required for people with obesity to sustain their fitness journey.

Obesity looms large as one of the biggest health crises the world is facing at the moment. Dietary habits coupled with a sedentary lifestyle are fueling what health professionals’ term as a silent pandemic.

A disorder seen in people with excessive body fat, obesity can lead to several health conditions. The only remedy: to bring down bodyweight, getting fit and healthy in the process.

“When there is excess of calorie intake and there is a reduced calorie output, then the excess calories not used up get stored as body fat and can lead to excess weight or obesity,” says Sheela Krishnaswamy, a registered dietician, nutrition and wellness consultant based in Bengaluru.

A BMI (body mass index) calculator is one way of checking how healthy your weight is. According to the machine, one is obese if the BMI is more than 30.

But the calculation is not that simple either.

“BMI machine is actually good to maintain and check weight,” says Rocky LP Indro, a fitness trainer from Bengaluru. “It’s fine if you have extra weight in your muscle mass. The problem arises if the body fat is more.  If the visceral fat is more than normal, it’s even more dangerous. So, in the weight itself, if the weight is due to muscle mass, then it is not a problem. But if it’s because of body fat, then that’s a problem.”

Exercises for people with obesity

Lack of a proper fitness routine can lead to joint pain, diabetes, blood pressure and cardiac issues. Individuals who are obese are at higher risk for these health issues, making it important that they bring down their bodyweight and adopt a more active lifestyle.

“Obese people are normally recommended to go for a bodyweight workout so that they don’t injure themselves while doing heavy weight training or high-impact exercises,” says Indro. “They must understand and listen to their body, start easy and gradually begin with a walk, cycling or any type of non-impact activity. If one wants to do weight training, they should use lighter weights.”

When the individual begins working out and burning calories, it’s necessary that they don’t lose a lot of weight in a short period of time because it can impact their health. The skin becomes saggy, and the body doesn’t get properly toned.

“One to three kilogrammes should be the ideal target weight to lose in a month,” adds Indro.

Role of diet in battling obesity

“Protein, fibre and fat [only to some extent] make us feel full — and therefore, the quantity of food we eat will be reduced,” says Krishnaswamy. “They have their nutritional value as well. So, the person should have adequate amount of protein and fibre [in their diet].”

The nutrients that aid in building lean muscle mass come from carbohydrates, proteins, fats and fibres. However, carbohydrates and fats come loaded with calories. So, they should be eaten in moderation to avoid weight gain.

Fried food, butter, white rice, refined wheat flour and baked food may be tempting, but those with obesity should avoid them.

When a person with obesity is trying to cut down weight, a combination of unrefined carbohydrates or whole grains, a good amount of protein, lots of fruits and vegetables, and low-fat dairy constitute an ideal diet.

Winning combo against obesity

Fitness routine and diet or healthy eating habits go hand in hand. They are the two faces of a coin, which contribute to fitness for those with obesity.

“It’s about 70%-80% diet and 20%-30% physical activity that can help control obesity,” says Krishnaswamy. “But poor eating habits, lack of sleep, high stress or irregular meal timing can be an indirect cause for weight gain.”


  • Eating unhealthy or junk food and lack of physical activity are among the leading causes of obesity.
  • Obese people are normally recommended to go for a bodyweight workout so that they don’t injure themselves while doing heavy weight training or high-impact exercises.
  • Diet or healthy eating can play a key role when it comes to fitness for individuals battling obesity.

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