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Thirsty in summer? Switch to natural drinks to stay active

Thirsty in summer? Switch to natural drinks to stay active

Giving up on carbonated beverages and consuming natural drinks during summer is good for overall health, say experts
You can consume natural drinks for summer instead of carbonated drinks
Switch to natural drinks for summer to stay active

Grabbing a quick cola or a chilled drink from the refrigerator might seem like it quenches your thirst during summer. But carbonated drinks are highly processed and contain high sugar and no nutrient value. Experts say switching to naturally available drinks for summer like mango drinks, lemonade and tender coconut water is far better than carbonated drinks. It boosts your energy level and make you active and productive during summer.

“The summer lasts only for a couple of months in any demographic region, but our habit is to pull out that carbonated drink from the refrigerator. It becomes a habit and individuals end up consuming a lot of artificial sugars during the summer,” says Dr Kavya Kadapi, consultant physician at Yukti Ayurveda Clinic, Bengaluru.

Summer heat: Liquid consumption should be increased by 1.25 liters

“Due to heat stroke in summers, there is increased sweating leading to loss of electrolytes in the body. This not only makes us feel thirsty but also gives us a headache, increases dizziness and impacts our productivity,” Dr Roopa Deepti, dietician, Victoria Hospital, Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute (BMCRI), Bengaluru.

“Body pH level increases and becomes acidic during summer. Therefore, compared to normal days liquid consumption should be increased by 1.25 lts/day during summers. If an individual is diabetic or has cardiac issues, they must consult a doctor before increasing the consumption of water,” she added.

The solution is alkaline water, isotonic drinks, some of the naturally available drinks for summer like- homemade fruits and vegetable juices, tender coconut water, lemonade, herbal tea and fruit-infused water. These drinks are not only enriched in nutrients but also maintain pH in the human body which aids in lowering oxidative stress and speeds up recovery, especially in gym goers and athletes. Additionally, they contain a moderate amount of sugar coming from natural sources and no preservatives,” says Shreya Adhav, founder and CEO of SpirEat Sports Nutrition Clinic, Mumbai.

What happens when carbonated beverages are consumed?

Highly processed drinks are full of sugar and have no nutrient value. “These drinks are called empty calories,” said Adhav. “These drinks can lead to health conditions like obesity, diabetes, issues related to heart, issues in the stomach and gut, cancer, liver damage, bone health, tooth decay among children and aged individuals.”

Experts also say that these beverages contain preservatives. This can cause acid reflux as it interacts with stomach acids. “It does not quench thirst. Rather consumption of 50 ml of these carbonated drinks leads to consuming more of it and this should be avoided as they are high in sugar,” added Deepti.

Carbonated drinks add to carbohydrate intake in the body, says Manjushree Das, nutritionist, and diet consultant, Mangaluru. She says, “Carb intake also leads to consumption of caffeine which may be higher than the recommended dosage for an individual. With no nutrient value, it only fills your stomach.”

Benefits of drinking healthy and natural drinks for summer

Experts recommend naturally available drinks for summer that are better for your health.

  • Aam panna (Raw mango juice)

Benefits: Keeps an individual hydrated and reduces the feeling of dizziness that occurs due to heat in summers. It protects the body from heat strokes and is a good source of vitamin B1 and vitamin B2.

  • Lemonade

Benefits: It helps in maintaining the electrolyte balance in the body as it acts as a natural electrolyte (sodium/potassium) supplier for the body.

  • Buttermilk

Benefits: Made of curdled milk, it helps in digestion and neutralizing stomach acid, as they are high on probiotics; reduces sweating and helps stay hydrated.

  • Tender coconut water

Benefits: It helps recover from heat stroke and gives instant relief and hydration during summer. It is high in potassium and hence helps in electrolyte balancing within the body.

  • Fruit juices

Benefits: Fresh fruit juices or fruit smoothies are a good source of hydration during summer. This helps in energizing and being productive. Vegetable juice also makes us feel full.


Carbonated beverages are highly processed and contain artificial sugars and preservatives with no nutrient value. They are high calorie drinks that cause health conditions like diabetes, obesity, etc,. Experts say you can substitute them for healthy natural options that are easily available

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