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Living well: sip on these drinks for better health

Living well: sip on these drinks for better health

Sipping any of these six drinks in the morning will help hydrate the body and provide a boost of energy.
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English poet John Milton’s famous phrase, Morning Shows The Day, holds true in many aspects of one’s daily routine, and by extension. to our physical wellbeing as well. And what better way to initiate this thought into our early morning ritual than to enhance our first drink of the day? 

Many of us crave a cup of coffee or tea first thing in the morning but having a glass of healthy juice or morning potion might be a better choice. This will give us the right amount of nutrition and electrolytes and provide us with adequate hydration to  get ready for the day. 

Happiest Health shares benefits and recipes of a few healthy drinks recommended by experts. 

Cucumber juice

 Functional nutritionist Mugdha Pradhan shares a cucumber juice recipe and its benefits:  

How to make it: Peel and cut a cucumber, and remove its seeds. Grind it by mixing with water (depending on the consistency preferred) in a mixer grinder and make a diluted juice with it. 

Benefit: It helps in relieving acidity and is also a good hydrating drink as cucumbers contain 98 per cent water. 

Ash gourd juice  

“Ash gourd juice is mostly popular among naturopaths and people who follow natural lifestyle changes,” says Delhi-based nutritionist Suman Makersoin. 

Makersoin’s recipe:   

How to make it: Peel 200 grams of ash gourd and churn in the mixer grinder, add ½ a lemon’s juice and your drink is ready. 

Benefit: This raw juice if taken first thing in the morning, gives an enormous amount of energy,  keeps the nerves calm, and prevents constipation too. It is highly nutritious and one of the healthiest summer drinks out there. It acts as a coolant and is high in fibre; besides, it has 96 per cent water content and is low in calories.  

 Dandelion and hibiscus drink 

Pradhan’s recipe: 

How to make it: Heat one cup of water and add ½ a teaspoon of dandelion roots, and ½ teaspoon of dried hibiscus petals and bring it to a boil. (Those who feel this is too concentrated, can dilute it according to their preference.) 

Benefit: This herbal tea works as a morning detox. It opens liver detoxification pathways and helps eliminate toxins from the liver.  

Salt, potassium, magnesium water  


How to make it: In one litre of water, mix half a scoop of magnesium glycinate, ¼ teaspoon of salt and 1/8 teaspoon of potassium and mix well.  

Benefit: It gives the body the electrolytes it needs, and is a great drink to keep the body hydrated. One can also drink this while working out.  

Not in the mood for a drink, try a spoonful of healthy desi ghee  

Makersoin’s recipe: 

How to take it: 1 to 2 teaspoons of cow desi ghee can be taken on an empty stomach. 

Benefit: When taken in the morning, it prevents the thickening of arteries and improves blood circulation as well as reduces the accumulation of free radicals in the body. 


Disclaimer: It is important to check with one’s doctor or nutritionist before choosing a morning drink to avoid or trigger any diseases or underlying diseases.  

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