While they say that age is just a number, a healthy diet, lifestyle, and self-care are key factors to graceful aging
Examining the prevalent types, risk factors, screening guidelines, and advancements in treatment modalities could make way for effective treatment of the cancer
As we get older, our immune system changes affect how vaccines work. Boosters can help improve immunity in older adults.
Here are some easy-to-do balance exercises which can be incorporated into the exercise routine for elderly people to improve strength, balance, and quality of life 
Breast sagging is a natural phenomenon. It can be caused by aging, menopause, obesity and smoking, say experts
Tai chi’s slow and gentle movements make it a great exercise option. However, not all its five styles or forms suit older people since some are more vigorous than others 
Focused on the holistic requirements of an individual, the emerging treatment approach aims to improve their quality of life through medication, diet and exercise
Experts discuss effective methods of bridging the generation gap between grandparents and grandchildren to establish a harmonious relationship
Sold under brand names like Meftal, Mefkind and Mefanorm, mefenamic acid can give rise to adverse reactions that can appear two to eight weeks after taking the drug
Overlapping symptoms in elderly are common and suggest underlying infections. Thorough diagnosis and intervention can help
Most senior citizens have weakened immune systems and reduced sense of pain, making them more vulnerable to injuries and infections, especially on foot
Walking in the sun does have many benefits – from increased vitamin D synthesis to a bump in production of serotonin. However, staying too long in the sun has negative impacts as well
While antibiotics may have helped relieve symptoms of Covid-19, rampant misuse and overuse of medicines has worsened the issue of antimicrobial resistance
Start by modifying the house to make it more senior-friendly and assist them in overcoming the fear, suggest experts
While sound sleep can help improve the quality of life, sleep disorders in the elderly are rampant due to various internal and external factors.

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