4 ways to grow the deltoid muscles

The deltoid muscles in the shoulder, which facilitate arm movement and stabilize the shoulder joint, are difficult to grow as they’re least used in everyday activities. Experts suggest some ways to increase their size effectively.

Exercises specifically targeting the deltoids are beneficial for increasing their size. Side and front raises, shoulder presses and upright rows are some of the primary isolation exercises for growing the delts.

Isolation exercises

Compound exercises engage multiple muscle groups at the same time. Strengthening the entire shoulder complex through exercises like wall push-ups, floor push-ups and triceps dips is crucial to grow the deltoids.

Compound exercises

While exercising, it’s crucial to maintain proper form and technique, ensuring all movement is performed in a controlled manner. The muscles should do the work, not the momentum.

Proper form is important

The progression and frequency of loading are more important than the amount of weight loaded. It’s vital to improve flexibility and strengthen the rotator cuff before training the delts.

Gradual progression is key

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