5 household items that could be fire hazards

Several items in your home can cause a massive fire. Knowing such items and staying cautious can help prevent severe consequences.

Kitchen equipment

Gas cylinders must be kept outside the kitchen or inside a cabinet. Toasters and barbeque grills should not be left unattended and must be turned off before leaving the house.

Electric wiring and heating appliances

Low-quality wiring can lead to a short circuit, causing a fire. Don’t overload electric sockets and replace broken wires. Heating appliances left on for long periods can also burst into flames.

Ignitable substances

Candles and diyas in the puja room can lead to fire accidents, especially during festivals. Stay cautious while using incense sticks and mosquito coils, as they may trigger a fire.

Beauty products

Products like nail polish, deodorants and perfumes are all inflammable. Remain cautious while using them, as they can cause a fire if exposed to a source of ignition.

Fire accelerants

Fancy objects like glassware can cause a fire when exposed to the sun. Synthetic materials like curtains and linens can easily catch fire and spread rapidly.

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