5 warning signs of bladder cancer

- Steni Simon

As the name suggests, bladder cancer begins in the bladder. It is almost three times more common in men than in women. Here are some symptoms that could indicate bladder cancer.

What is bladder cancer?

Blood in urine

One of the primary symptoms of bladder cancer is the presence of blood in the urine, often without associated pain. One should immediately seek medical advice in such cases.

Pain in back and lower abdomen

Apart from blood in urine, which is a common marker, any unexplained pain in the back or lower abdomen could be a symptom of bladder cancer.

Difficulty in passing urine

Pain or discomfort while urinating can be a sign of bladder cancer and should not be ignored.

Constant urge to urinate

A persistent urge to urinate, especially when accompanied by other symptoms, is a cause of concern and should be brought to the attention of a health expert.

Burning sensation while urinating

People should take note of any burning sensation or discomfort while passing urine, as this could be an indication of problems in the bladder.

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