6 buddies of the nervous system

Many organ systems guard, nourish, relay information and support the brain, helping this command centre to ensure that the body functions at its optimum 

Working hand-in-hand

The guardian

Bones of the skeletal system like the skull and the vertebral column shield the brain and spinal cord from injury

The Fort Knox

The blood-brain barrier is a tight network of blood vessels and cells in the brain which allows the entry of nutrients and blocks out infectious agents

Harmony with hormones

Hormones from endocrine glands like thyroid and adrenal glands provide chemical feedback to the brain which influence neural processing

Gut health, brain wealth

The gut produces several neurotransmitters which make their way to the brain via the vagus nerve, helping maintain overall health

The balance buddy

The vestibular system in the inner detects head movements and spatial orientation, sending signals to the brain for balance

The vibe check posts

Sensory receptors in the skin, hair and nails (integumentary system) relay signals to the brain that help perceive pain and temperature

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