6 food allergy  myths busted 

Common food allergies include eggs, mushrooms, fish, shellfish, peanuts, almonds, soy, dairy products, sesame, crabs and shrimps. Here are six big myths about food allergies.

Myth 1: Food allergies are rare

Fact: Food allergies are common. Plus, with exposure to different cuisines and food proteins, instances of allergy are only increasing.

Myth 2: Food allergies are not serious

Fact: Food allergies can be severe and life-threatening. In some cases, oxygen support might be required.

Myth 3: Allergic to one, not others

Fact: An individual can have multiple allergies. Example: those allergic to crabs are also allergic to shrimps as the same proteins are found in both. It’s a similar case with peanut and almond allergies.

Myth 4: Eating a little will not trigger an allergy

Fact: A small amount of food can also trigger a severe allergic reaction. 

Myth 5: Food allergy and intolerance are the same

Fact: Food allergies and food intolerance are different. Allergies cause immediate reactions (like rashes and swelling) and can turn severe. Intolerance results in digestive issues and is less severe.

Myth 6 : Food allergies can be diagnosed through a blood test

Fact: A blood test is not enough to detect allergies. Clinical examination and an allergist to examine the person are required. Among the reliable tests are the skin prick test and oral food challenge.

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