6 health tips for night shift workers

Working night shifts offsets many things in a person’s routine and habits. It leads to changes in diet, sleep patterns and exercise routine. Here are 6 tips to stay healthy.

Follow an eating routine

Those who work at night should consume three nutritious meals a day. They can eat light and healthy snacks, while working for energy requirements. High calorie food should be avoided.

Ensure sun exposure

Individuals working at night should ensure that they spend a few minutes under sunlight after their work to enable Vitamin D synthesis, which helps to keep the bones strong.

Set fitness goals

Night shift workers should target basic fitness. Avoid setting goals that include bulking to build muscle mass or running long distances. A strenuous workout adds strain to the body.

Workout moderately

Light to moderate workouts are best for night shift working professionals They can include cardiovascular activities such as walking, slow jogging, indoor cycling and  yoga.

Maintain a sleeping pattern

Night shift workers should ensure they get seven to eight hours of sleep, if not in one session they can divide their sleep into two sessions.

Take a day off

Night shift workers can skip workouts if their body feels not rested enough. Instead, they can focus on working out during the weekends or day offs.

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