6 ways parents can encourage children to be physically active

Playing outdoors during childhood boosts immunity and the development of motor and cognitive skills. Here are 7 ways parents can ensure their children hit the playground

Ensure they socialise

Encourage them to make friends with other kids in the neighbourhood, so that they can play together.

Extracurricular activities

Enrol kids in sports activities at school or in the locality, choosing what they are interested in.

Play with your kids

Involvement of parents in sports and fitness activities influences the child. So, ensure you hit the playground too.

Fun activities

Plan a family picnic/fun activity/adventurous sports, so they develop an interest in outdoor activities.

Watch sports together

Take children to watch the games frequently to develop their interest in sports.

Child-friendly gym

Create a small child-friendly gym at home where they can climb on ropes, have climbing walls and tarpaulin.