6 ways how strict parenting negatively impacts children

- Nandita Narayanan

A safe environment is essential for a child's development. Parents that are overbearing and authoritarian can negatively affect children.


Children may  not make their own choices with strict parents around. Adolescents especially demand a lot of freedom to develop self-identity. As a result, they would naturally break the rules.


Strict parents who set unrealistic expectations for their children instill a sense of fear and anxiety in children. It is often because they want to avoid disappointing their parents.

Difficulty in decision-making

Children raised with rigid rules tend to lack problem-solving skills and decision-making abilities as they are not given space to do so.

Unable to understand emotions

An authoritarian parenting style can hinder a child's emotional development, making it difficult for them to understand and express their feelings and those of others.

Lack of confidence

Due to excessive criticism and lack of encouragement, children growing up in this environment can feel inadequate about their capabilities, thus developing a sense of low self-esteem.

Poor communication skills

Overbearing parenting creates a fear of communicating openly with them and causes them to feel intimidated. As a result, the child develops strained relationships with others.

Striking the right balance

It is important to strike the right balance by setting boundaries while allowing freedom for self-expression. Parents must nurture their children in a safe environment.

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