7 reasons why you should reduce your social media usage

People often browse through social media at bedtime and sleep for a shorter duration. Sleep deprivation has several effects, such as causing daytime drowsiness, and acid reflux.

Sleep deprivation

Excessive use of social media and lack of sleep can affect your memory and ability to concentrate. It impacts the decision-making abilities and reduces the overall productivity.

Lack of concentration

Increased social media interactions lead to reduced physical and social interactions as individuals spend more time virtually and disconnect with the people around them.

Social isolation

Obesity is more prevalent in children and teenagers who are sleep-deprived due to social media usage. Eating late at night can cause hormonal imbalance, increasing the risk for obesity.


Teens are developing a dependency on social media for happiness and judging their self-worth based on the content they watch. This can result in low self-esteem and self-confidence due to comparisons.

Low self-esteem

Negative comments, bullying, and misinformation are highly prevalent on social media platforms. This can make individuals prone to social withdrawal, sadness, depression, and anxiety and affect their day-to-day activities.

Mental health disorders

Eating disorders in younger generation

Kids and teens scrolling through social media are influenced by internet personalities. Following extreme diets to lose weight often leads to eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia.

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