9 tips to reduce social media usage

Most devices have internal tracking or applications to track the activity of the device. Check applications that are frequently used and try to spend less time on them.

Track your usage

Have a designated time for social media and try using them only during this time. This can significantly bring down your social media usage and can reduce dependence.

Designated social media time

Applications often send notifications, so the users open them and start using the application again. Turn off notifications except for important services.

Turn off notifications

Spend at least an hour or two every day without gadgets. Try to develop habits that do not require technology, like reading a book, painting, cooking, or cleaning.

Try digital fasting

Endless scrolling leads to sleep deprivation and late-night food cravings. Follow digital hygiene by taking a break while watching a series every 30 minutes.

Avoid doom scrolling

Spend time with your loved ones. Try making new friends and communicating with people if you feel stressed instead of depending on social media to feel better.

Socialize with friends and family

Experts suggest that people should experience the joy of missing things online. It should be celebrated if you do something better than scrolling social media.

Joy of missing out (JOMO)

Avoid using gadgets at least an hour before going to sleep. Keep your bedroom as gadget-free as possible and follow a sleep schedule.

No gadgets before going to sleep

Reduce your online activity and increase your offline activities. Spend time exercising for at least 45 minutes to 60 minutes or play a sport of interest and lead a healthy lifestyle for a better tomorrow.

Stay active offline

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