All you need to know about cardio coasting

Vishalakshi M

When you walk, swim, jog, cycle or do any cardio exercise for a specific period and repeat it daily, it leads to cardio coasting, slipping into a comfortable pace or intensity.

Cardio coasting

While exercising is good, repeating the same exercise each time for the same number of sets daily while doing cardio is detrimental to progress.

Negative effects

By repeating the same exercises, the body remains in its comfort zone, minimizing the benefits of the cardio workout over time.

Comfort zone

Lack of variation in exercise can result in boredom, muscle plateau and increased chances of dropping out from a fitness routine.

Lack of variation

Since muscle memory is created and the hormones get reset with repeated training, the number of calories burnt also slows down.

Less calories burnt

Planning a workout based on the FITT principle (frequency, intensity, type and time) and varying these parameters can help you avoid cardio coasting.

Avoiding cardio coasting

To break the monotony of doing the same exercise, variations can be added, by including activities such as different offroad cycling, running or trekking, etc.

Add variations

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