Delhi Air Pollution: Tips to follow when you HAVE to step out

Use an N95 or N99 mask while stepping out. Ensure it covers your mouth and nose completely. Surgical masks or handkerchiefs won’t provide sufficient protection.

Mask-up properly

Use protective glasses or shades to prevent particulate matter entering the eyes. Do not rub your eyes with bare hands.

Use protective glasses

Travel only by Metro or public transport that has air-conditioners with HEPA filters. If using personal vehicle, ensure windows are rolled up and AC is on.

Use public Transport 

Stay hydrated, carry water bottle with you when you step out.

Stay hydrated

Avoid stepping out during the morning and evening when pollution is high. Try to go out during afternoon when the air pollution is relatively less.

Choose the right time

Do not go for your morning walk, avoid outdoor exercises and instead try to exercise at home.

Exercise indoors

If you are prone to asthma, chronic lung diseases, carry your inhaler while stepping out.

Don't forget your inhaler

Explore options of work from home as much as possible.

Work from home

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