How to be prepared for rainy weather and flooding

Photos by: Anantha Subramanyam K and AFP

Fear getting drenched in rain or wonder how to manage an unexpected rainwater flooding inside your home? Here are some tips.

Avoid getting drenched, even if you get stuck in sudden rain, keep an umbrella or raincoat handy for protection so that drenching in rain could affect health issues.

Avoid getting drenched

In case you suspect rainwater flooding, ensure all the electrical mains are switched off and keep emergency lights handy to avoid any short circuit of electrocution.

Don’t get shocked, be prepared

Keep a bag full of essentials ready in case you are asked to evict your dwelling as an advance alert of flooding. This may include clothing, water, easy to carry food packets and medicines.

Get set to go

Keep safe drinking water in bottles, food and medications in the attic, so that it is easy to grab in case the rainwater enters home and the fear of things getting submerged loom large

Water everywhere, keep some drops to drink

If you are in a low lying area, you may have to escape to the above floors. Ensure all these essential items are packed in a floatable polythene bag, so that you can grab these things easily without getting into water below.

Get on top of the problem

If you have infants or aged with you, seek medical guidelines in advance in case of unforeseen medical conditions and to keep the emergency supply ready.

Caregiving task

Once the water subsides, ensure that you take care of your water sumps and the supply chain. It should be cleared of flood water before consuming. The drinking water in your taps would have severe contaminations.

Beware of contamination

Stay away from moving water in case you need to step out of your house for an emergency. Wait for help or let the water recede.

Don’t get carried away, stay smart

In case of thunderstorms, get away from the open terrace, don’t take shelter under isolated trees or poles and get immediate shelter under a roof to avoid a lightning strike.

Bolt away from the blue

While lightning strikes can cause moderate injuries like seizures, in severe cases, they could also cause cardiopulmonary arrests.

What to do when lightning strikes