Saharan dust storm in Athens: Learn the science of survival

Athens is cloaked in haze after a new round of Saharan dust pollution in one of the worst episodes to hit the country since 2018. As yellow-orange skies dominate the Grecian capital, here are a few tips to protect yourself when surrounded by polluted air.

Due to the degraded air quality, refrain from exercising outdoors. Instead, opt for indoor exercise to reduce exposure to harmful pollutants. (In Pic: Tourkovounia Hill in Athens looking like a scene from Mars)

Avoid exercising outdoors

Authorities have warned of fine dust particles; in such a scenario, air purifiers should be used at home and the filters cleaned regularly. 

Maintain indoor air quality

During dust storms, staying indoors as much as possible is advisable. Ensure you stay hydrated and rest adequately to support your body's immune system.

Stay hydrated and rest indoors

Since dust concentration in the air is increasing rapidly, wear protective glasses or shades to prevent particulate matter from entering your eyes. Do not rub your eyes with bare hands.

Protect your eyes

Greece has faced such storms in March too necessitating the need to shield your lungs. If you have asthma, don’t forget to carry the inhaler while stepping out. If not, read on...

Take care of your lungs

Since the skies of Athens are covered with dust, wear protective masks as they can help safeguard you from inhaling dust particles.

Use masks for protection

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