8 simple ways to manage diabetes during Diwali

A bit of planning and self-control can go a long way. And yes, it’s possible for people with diabetes to take part in Diwali revelry without letting their blood glucose levels get out of control.

Have small and  frequent meals

People with diabetes might see a rapid rise in blood sugar levels after a large meal. Also, long gaps between meals can lead to fluctuations in blood sugar levels.

Eat a fiber-rich diet

Fiber-rich foods are always beneficial for people with diabetes as fiber is not broken down quickly. Unlike carbs, they do not cause a sugar spike.

Choose healthy cooking methods

To keep unhealthy fat consumption in check and prevent blood sugar spikes, it is best to grill, roast or bake snacks instead of deep-frying them.

Drink enough fluids

Drinking water aids gut cleansing and promotes a feeling of fullness — which helps prevent overeating.

Prepare sweets at home

Choose homemade sweets to limit the intake of sugar, carbohydrates and oil.

Limit snacking

It is important to exercise moderation while eating festival-specific preparations. Snacks high in sugar (like candied nuts) should be avoided.

Drink healthy beverages

Go for coconut water and lime juice. Sweetened and carbonated beverages can be cut out.

Avoid alcohol

Either avoid drinking or ensure strict moderation to sustain your diabetes management plan.

Beware of toxic cracker fumes