6 zinc-rich foods that every woman should have

Whole grains and cereals such as wheat, quinoa, rolled oats, brown rice and fortified breakfast cereals are excellent zinc sources.

Whole grains and cereals

Legumes such as chickpeas, lentils, and beans have significant zinc content. You can eat it boiled, sprouted, or roasted every day.


Dairy products (cheese and milk) contain high levels of bioavailable zinc. Eating them ensures optimal absorption by the body.

Dairy products

Cashews and almonds are effective in supporting zinc intake. Seeds like sesame and pumpkin seeds also contribute to a good zinc amount.

Nuts and seeds

Tofu stands out as an exceptional plant-based zinc source. Approximately 100 grams of freshly made tofu can give up to 2 mg of zinc.


Oysters rank highest in zinc content per serving. Six average-sized oysters provide 33 mg of zinc, which fulfills almost 300% of the recommended daily value.


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