5 reasons to vaccinate your pets

Our pets are susceptible to several illnesses. Like in humans, vaccinations for dogs and cats protect them from infectious outbreaks and help them lead longer and healthier lives.

Many local and state laws require that household pets, including indoor-only pets, be vaccinated against certain diseases.

Legal requirements

Vaccinations for dogs and cats are designed to prevent conditions like rabies and canine distemper. Otherwise, such diseases could spread rapidly among unvaccinated animals and even prove fatal.

Disease prevention

Increased life span

Vaccinated pets are more likely to live longer and healthier lives. They are less likely to suffer enfeeble conditions that would lower their quality of life.

Pet parent’s health

Certain conditions such as rabies that affect dogs and cats are zoonotic, that is, they can be transmitted to humans. Vaccinating pets ensures that they and their humans stay safe.

Reduced medical costs

Veterinary care for a pet suffering from a vaccine-preventable condition can be expensive and emotionally draining. Vaccinating them on time is highly cost-effective.

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