4 common infections to look out for while traveling

Traveling to various destinations, using public transport and indulging in local cuisines can make you susceptible to circulating pathogens. Experts list some common infections to watch out for while planning your next trip.

Commuting via public transport increases the risk of lung infections, as pathogens can be transmitted through droplets in closed spaces.

Respiratory infections

Urinary tract infections (UTIs)

UTIs are the most common infections resulting from travel, with women being at a higher risk. Bacteria can easily settle in their genital area while using unhygienic toilets.

Skin infections

Traveling makes you susceptible to fungal and bacterial infections of the skin. You can develop allergies (like eczema) or edema (swelling), especially in the thighs and feet.

Water or food-borne infections

Unhygienically cooked food and contaminated water can cause travelers’ diarrhea, typhoid and food poisoning, among other infections.

Tips to prevent infections

Sanitize your hands, clean the toilet seat in public washrooms before use, apply emollient creams, eat properly cooked food and drink clean water.

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