6 exercises to reduce snoring

People start snoring when their airways get partially or completely blocked, causing the tissues of the upper airway to vibrate while breathing. Experts recommend the following exercises to address this issue.

Push your tongue out as far as possible and touch your chin or nose for five seconds. Do this three times a day. You can also stick out your tongue and press it against a spoon.

Push out your tongue

Push your tongue up to the roof of your mouth and hold it for five seconds. Doing this three times a day will not only strengthen the tongue but also the soft palate.

Push your tongue up

Move your tongue toward the left and then toward the right side of your face. The exercise should be done twice on each side.

Move your tongue sideways

Place your tongue against the front teeth and press it down. You can also gulp while looking up at the ceiling.

Press your tongue down

Vocalizing vowel sounds with a gradual increase in volume helps strengthen the neck muscles. This plays a vital role in reducing snoring.

Enunciate vowels

Breathing exercises like pranayama help reduce snoring, as they make it easier for people to breathe through their nose.

Pranayama is a useful tool

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