6 foods in excess that can be harmful to kidneys

Consuming certain food and medicines in excess burdens the kidneys affecting their functionality. They may not harm the kidneys directly but can damage it by causing other conditions

Meat and processed meat

Meat is high in protein and preservatives from the processed meat are harmful and can damage kidneys making it difficult to eliminate waste. 


Limit your intake of fries and salted chips. Excessive salt can elevate blood pressure, indirectly harming kidney function. Prioritize a healthier diet for better well-being

Carbonated drinks

Carbonated beverages contribute to elevated uric acid levels, which can negatively impact kidney function. They also contain high sugar, resulting in excess body weight, leading to other complications

Dairy Products

Dairy products are rich in calcium and phosphorous, which can burden the kidneys for those having renal issues


Consumption of caffeine products in excess may result in hypertension and atherosclerosis (narrowing and blockage of arteries). Consuming 400 milligrams of caffeine, roughly 4 cups of coffee per day is considered safe


Daily use of painkillers, anti-acid medications and long-term medications without a physician’s prescription will harm the kidneys

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