6 chair exercises  for elderly people

Chair exercises are an easy and  safe way for older people to retain and regain strength. They are also good for muscle conditioning

Shoulder exercises

Shoulder rotation, flexion, abduction and adduction exercises support and stabilize shoulder muscles


Hand exercises

Arm circles, wrist rotations and biceps and triceps curls help strengthen the hand, wrist and forearm muscles


Leg exercises

Ankle pumps, ankle rotations and  knee bending and straightening  help strengthen leg muscles and prevent falls


Seated marches

In these exercises, one does the marching movement while seated in a chair. This engages the core along with the muscles of the arms and legs


Sit-to-stand exercise

These exercises enable you to work on the balance component and reduce the chances of falling during a quick movement



Stretches for the neck and chest can help relax the muscles in the area. One can also try forward bending to ease the back muscles



The exercises mentioned target different muscle groups and release muscle tension, increase range of motion and strengthen people

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