Understanding Delusional Love Disorder

A recent case involving a 20-year-old Chinese student diagnosed with Delusional Love Disorder(DLD) has us questioning the line between a healthy crush and something more concerning. His belief that all the girls loved him turned out to be a real mind-bender. Dive into the world of Delusional Love Disorder and see if your heart, or your head, is calling the shots.

What is delusional love disorder?

It is a mental health condition where a person strongly believes someone loves them romantically, despite a complete lack of evidence or reciprocation.

Persistent false belief

People with DLD develop persistent false beliefs about someone harboring romantic feelings for them.

Behavioural effect

This belief can spiral into obsessive thoughts and a constant need for attention.

Relationship strain

It can strain relationships and can also interfere with their daily life.


Fortunately, there's hope. Seeking professional help through therapy and medication can manage DLD and improve quality of life.

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