6 ways to prevent and manage firework injuries during Diwali

While Diwali brings joy and merits big celebrations, burn injuries are commonly seen during the festival. Hence, it's crucial to stay safe while burning crackers.

Keep a bucket of water, a hose and a first-aid kit handy before you start bursting crackers. Use a long taper, wear eyeglasses and pick closed footwear.

Be prepared

Go to a large open area to light fireworks. Don’t reignite the crackers. Immerse both the used crackers and those that didn’t burst in water before disposing them.

Choose open spaces

Wear cotton clothes instead of nylon and linen, as they can easily catch fire. Buy good-quality crackers and don’t use leftovers from the previous year.

Wear the right clothes

Stand away from the crackers, as sparks from them can easily enter the eyes, nose and ears, causing an injury in case of a sudden burst.

Maintain a safe distance

For burn injuries on the hands or feet, run it under tap water to cool the area and wash off the chemicals.

Water to the rescue

If the injury is in the eyes, don’t splash water. Don’t rub them or apply anything. Cover the eyes with a clean cloth and rush to the hospital.

Visit the hospital for eye injury

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