How to address stuttering in children

Stuttering or stammering is a speech disorder where an individual experiences repetitions, prolongations or blocks while speaking.

What is stuttering?

Children don’t stammer as soon as they begin talking. Its onset occurs around two to six years of age.

When does it begin?

While the exact cause of stuttering is not known, hereditary factors are suspected to exert an influence.

Why do children stutter?

How does it affect them?

Stammering can hurt a child’s self-esteem, causing them to avoid social situations. They may also speak at a slow pace or avoid words that induce stammering.

How to treat stuttering?

Speech therapy is an effective treatment approach that involves methods like slowing the speech rate, lengthening the first syllable of words and breathing techniques.

Gentle parenting is key

Parents shouldn’t attach shame or stigma to their child’s stuttering. They should talk to the child at a slower pace and give them space and time to complete the sentences without interfering.

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