Kidney diseases in children: 5 warning signs for parents 

Repeated episodes of urinary infections, pain while passing urine and a sudden increase in the frequency of urination are some prominent warning signs of kidney diseases in children.

Puffy eyes or a swollen body could be an indication of renal issues in your little one.

Puffiness of the eyes and body

Growth retardation in children may hint at chronic kidney disease (CKD). Excess body weight also increases the risk of developing early CKD.

Stunted height and excess body weight

One of the leading causes of kidney failure is high blood pressure. When kidney fails to filter the excess water and salt in the body, it can increase the blood pressure.

High blood pressure

Weak or bent bones

The vitamins and minerals that maintain bone health are affected in case of kidney dysfunction. Frequent falls leading to bone breakage could indicate weak bones in children.

Frequent urinary issues

A burning sensation when urinating, excessive bubbles in  the urine or blood in urine can indicate kidney issues in children

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