Lead- the silent invader of the brain

Lead- the hidden culprit

Lead particles, a heavy metal, can escape the body’s filtering mechanisms. Lead toxicity remains unnoticed until severe symptoms emerge.

Tin utensils, metal water pipes, food additives, cosmetics, traditional medicines, toys, plastics and paint are common sources of lead exposure.

Ways lead seeps into the body

Lead toxicity adversely affects cognitive abilities in children by damaging neuron connections. Lead toxicity costs 9% of India’s GDP, says Dr. Venkatesh Thuppil.

Effect on children

Lead damages the prefrontal cortex, hippocampus, and cerebellum, potentially causing neurological and behavioural disorders over time.

Lead can harm brain health

Chelation therapy, a medical procedure, uses chemicals that bind to heavy metals and flush them out through urine.

What is the treatment for lead toxicity?

Minimise exposure to lead-based petrol and paints. Avoid lead pipes, cosmetics, and toys that contain lead. Eat calcium-rich foods