7 types of cancer in men

Unhealthy diet, smoking, alcohol intake & age, can make men more susceptible to conditions like cancer. But, an early diagnosis can help prevent most cancers to an extent, say experts.

Diagnosed in men above the age of 65, the risk of developing prostate cancer increases with age and is the most common malignancy among elderly men.

Prostate cancer

With blood in the urine being a typical marker, bladder cancer is commonly seen among older men who have been smokers and had exposure to chemicals like hair dye.

Bladder cancer

The incidence of colorectal cancer increases steadily with age, making it essential for older men to do regular screening for early detection.

Colorectal cancer

Being one of the most difficult cancers to manage & treat, older men remain at a significant risk of lung cancer if they have a history of smoking.

Lung cancer

Primarily indicated by a swelling in the testis, this cancer is uncommon. It is seen in individuals with undescended testis and may run through generations.

Testicular cancer

Happening as a result of unhealthy and unhygienic sexual practices, penile cancer can remain undetected. The signs include lesions and growth of the external genital area.

Penile cancer

Though rarely seen in men, breast cancer is often ignored and late diagnosis of cancerous lumps in the chest can lead to fatality in men.

Breast cancer

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