Get Set, Grow! – 2023

22nd September, 2023. 9 AM Onwards
The Leela Palace, Bengaluru.
Day(s) left

Dive into a world of knowledge and strategies as you explore the forefront of your children's well-being.

Discover the latest insights, practical strategies, and inspiring talks on physical and mental well-being, nutrition, parenting and more. Join us now and be a catalyst for your child’s brighter future!




Reducing Gadget Time In Kids

  • Gadget engagement among children is the topmost concern for parents and teachers too.
  • While discussing on pros and cons of gadgets, the question which arises is ‘Do challenges outweigh the benefits?'

The Power Of Play In Kids

  • Are children playing enough? While playing is a physical activity, the benefits are far more.
  • A child learns to understand teamwork, trust and communicate, manage, plan better, and many more.

Nutrition For Children

  • Is your child eating nutritious food? What’s missing in a child’s platter at home and in the tiffin box?
  • Discussion on Nutritious food at home and in schools and how to ensure nutrient-rich healthy food.

Understanding Money - Making Adolescents Finance Savvy

  • Do children understand the value of money in the e-wallet era? Are they aware of the finances involved in their upbringing?
  • Let’s understand how to make children of this milieu aware of the expenses the parents incur.

Stress Management In Children

  • Exams and the preparation for the same are stressful for children as well as parents.
  • Experts debate on ways to make reading joyful and not stressful, despite aiming at achieving goals.

Youngsters & Career Options In The India Of Today & Tomorrow

  • From becoming a scientist to a YouTuber to a DJ, the upcoming generation has multiple career choices breaking the stereotypes.
  • Unicorn founders and established professionals talk about how they pursued their passions and turned them into successful careers.

Are You Listening?

  • What does an adolescent go through? Have they been heard enough?
  • The Voices of the adolescent survey, one-of-its-kind for children studying in Class 8 to 12 to understand their thoughts, needs, and unspoken concerns.

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