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The pros and cons of using gym gloves

The pros and cons of using gym gloves

Using the right gloves for the right sport can lead to optimal performance and prevent injury

Using the right gym gloves for the right sport can lead to optimal performance and prevent injury

Using gym gloves is a personal choice, with some preferring to use them while working out while others calling it an impediment. Using gym gloves has its pros and cons. Given the variety of customised gloves available for different activities, it is paramount to know the differences and ways of using them effectively.

Types of lifting gloves

Gloves (worn to protect the palms) come in many varieties.

“For example, gymnastic grippers are used by gymnasts, gym gloves are used for lifting, and the gloves we use for powerlifting are different,” says Prasil Prinjan, a CrossFit L1 certified trainer at Cult.fit. The type of glove we use depends on the sport we practice. I have seen people using gymnastic gloves in functional training. That will not work as they might slip while gripping,” he adds.

Half-fingered gym gloves: Most gym gloves are half-fingered. They are designed to provide better airflow to the palms and improve dexterity while holding the barbell.

Full-fingered gym gloves: Certain types of gym goers prefer full-fingered gloves, which are primarily designed for outdoor training. They help you to get a better grip and are great while working out with non-conventional equipment.

Hand grips and wrist wraps: Hand grips, usually used by CrossFit practitioners and gymnasts, help in avoiding blisters or calluses during muscle-ups and deadlifts. Usually, the hand grips will loop around your fingers and cover your palm. Similarly, wrist wraps offer additional support to your wrists, especially during the pushing movements. Many gym gloves include these as part of the design.

Pros of using gym gloves

  • Gym gloves can protect your palms during intense lifting sessions.
  • They may offer better grip and support.

Cons of using gym gloves

  • Using the wrong size and type of gloves can lead to injury.
  • The gloves may make your palms sweat leading to discomfort.
  • Prolonged usage of gloves may negatively affect grip strength.

Do you really need gym gloves?

Using gym gloves is a personal choice. However, one must be well-informed about when to use them.

“For instance, gymnasts will have to use gloves, so that the skin on their palms does not peel off. You need gloves for such kind of sports,” says Prinjan.

“People with a condition (like sweaty palms) would need gloves,” adds Prinjan. “Otherwise, I would only suggest using them when needed. Gloves are optional for general workouts and functional training. However, it is necessary to wear them for a more intense session (for example, while using pull up bars and rings),” he says.


  • Using gym gloves can protect the palm from calluses and prevent slipping of grip due to sweat.
  • There are several types of gloves: half-fingered gloves, full-fingered gloves, hand grips and wrist wraps.
  • Using the right gloves for the right sport can lead to optimal performance and prevent injury.

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