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Couple workouts: Getting fit and loving it

Couple workouts: Getting fit and loving it

Couples who exercise or play a sport together tend to share a deeper bond that permeates into other layers in their relationship

Couple workouts should include activities that both partners enjoy and those who work out together tend to share a deeper bond that permeates into other layers in their relationship

Couple/Partner workouts – be it running, cycling, lifting weights or any fitness regimen for that matter, are a fantastic way to stay in shape while bonding with your significant other.

Finding activities that both enjoy is a prerequisite to a successful workout partnership. This keeps the motivation levels high for both, while making the exertion fun. However, there have been instances when one partner introduces the other to a new sport or activity and their interests grow from there.

Just like relationship dynamics, there is no defined path and it varies from person to person. It may require some planning or a give-and-take. Once that sweet spot is achieved, the fun begins. Couples who work out together tend to share a deeper bond that permeates into other layers in their partnership.

Benefits of couple workouts

A workout partner can make it easier to stick to a fitness plan. Its better when your exercise partner is the love of your life. If one feels let down, the other can lift him/her right back up.

“It’s motivational to go to the gym together [with my partner],” says Mahima Punjabi, a business development representative at Salesforce, and an avid gym goer.

The weight room, track or the playing field can be a great place for you and your significant other to bond and create memories to cherish.

“Some people use the time to bond,” says Sachin Pal, director of Garage Studio Fitness, New Delhi. “Health is the prime concern but there is a bonding part too. If you’re working out together, be it boyfriend-girlfriend, husband-wife or brother-sister, you care about the health and the time spent together.”

Adding your partner into the mix can make any exercise lively. For example, pull-ups can become partner pull-ups, where one can take support from the other and do pull-ups together. If not, then they can cheer you on and be there for you if you fail. Training together can keep both partners physically and emotionally upbeat.

“People don’t have time for all this [exercise] because of office or day-to-day life commitments or issues. In such case, couple workouts are very useful for the health,” explains Pal. “You invest your time for each other as well.”

Flip side of couple workouts

In most cases, one partner would be in a more advanced stage in their fitness journey than the other. As a result, finding exercises and workouts that suit both (pace and intensity included) will be difficult. It may deter progress.

It can also be a hassle to find a time that works for both partners, especially if they have different schedules or work shifts. Both partners should be energetic and enthusiastic while working out or the interest will gradually decline.

Another challenge is the pressure that one partner feels trying to keep up with the other if there is a huge disparity in fitness levels. This can lead to injury or burnout.

If you are training for better cardiovascular health and your partner is training for strength, it can be difficult for you to work together effectively. Differing goals can lead to an inefficient workout for both. The partner at an advanced fitness stage may micromanage which can create feelings of inadequacy or resentment resulting in one person dropping out. Mansplaining is another irritating possibility.

Formula for successful couple workouts

Love conquers all, they say. It does so in the gym too. Punjabi narrates how she and her partner overcame the time constraints and scheduling conflicts.

“That’s why we don’t do it every day,” says Punjabi. “If we had the time, we would have worked out daily. However, our timings don’t match. So, we decided to train together for two days a week, taking out time from our work. Both of us do it in the evening because that works out the best.”

Planning is key to bridge the gap in fitness levels and goals.

“We both come up with our own workouts and then mix it up,” says Punjabi. “We’re putting effort as being in a relationship is important. We find a place to work out which is located between our homes so that its not difficult for both of us to commute there.”

Couple/partner workouts are a fantastic way to bond with your significant other, while getting fit. However, when pushing each other, ensure that it is not just about listening to your body, but listening to each other as well. So, keep you and your partner hydrated and take rest when needed. Remember, fitness is a lifelong journey and while short-term goals are important to keep the journey interesting, the real rewards lie in the long run.


  • Couple workouts are a fantastic way to stay in shape and bond with your significant other.
  • Couple workouts can improve communication along with increasing motivation and accountability.

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